Event Services - How do we work?

Preparation is everything, and we like to get involved at an early stage, when you are booking your location, your caterers, your guest speakers and so on. We meet all our clients well ahead of the event so we can be fully briefed, and able to tailor our performance to the client's needs... For example:

Stings / incidental music

We are often asked to provide either live or pre-recorded short musical segments to introduce guest speakers or to "play on" award winners on their walk to the stage.
This gives the event a thoroughly integrated quality, and is always a winner.

Themed Events

A fair proportion of corporate events we've been part of have had some kind of theme. By involving us early on, our set list can be tailored to your theme, drawing on songs and music from any given film or period.

Fitting your timings

Most events put us on for a couple of hours of partying without interruption, but we'll just as happily work to your timing brief as part of a bigger production idea, in the case of product launches, exhibitions and so on.

Personal Touches

If a particular song or tune has personal significance to a key individual at your event, we can include it in our set. These details matter to us, because we know they matter to you.

Name Artists

Thanks to our ongoing professional connections, we are also able to access a variety of famous names to front the show. Recent artists include Tony Hadley, Martin Fry (ABC), Peter Cox (Go West) and Katrina (The Waves).